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The Scandal of LASIK and the FDA

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  • The Scandal of LASIK and the FDA
The Scandal of LASIK and the FDA
The Scandal of LASIK and the FDA

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Consider a surgical procedure performed on a healthy organ critical to our ability to function that is performed for patients’ convenience/cosmesis and provides no medical benefits. Shouldn’t it be safe? LASIK and PRK performed for the convenience of avoiding the need to wearing spectacles or contact lenses is not only dangerous, the industry abetted by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has been successful in suppressing the existence of a complication that provokes thoughts of suicide-in most of its victims which I have named oculofacial pain. This disease, typically agonizing, unrelenting and often associated with painful photosensitivity, is currently untreatable and maybe permanent.


How could this life-destroying complication be hidden from the public and medical professions? The reason is that these eyes look normal. Although this is characteristic of the disease known as centralized pain, it is unfamiliar to eye doctors and even neurologists. Nor do those who profit from these procedures want to know about it.

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